Thursday, July 14, 2016

farmers market soup

Farmers Market Soup

My Mom and I dropped in to our local Thursday Market and veggies were aplenty along with fresh ciabatta bread and vegan cashew ice cream from Rock Salt Creamery; sooooo freakin' good.

 I absolutely adore this time of year (although Fall still has my heart) - aside from growing my own veggies which just didn't happen this year, local markets are the next best thing. This past Saturday was rainy and cold, but I was up and figured I would pop down to our Saturday Market to see who braved the weather, I wasn't dissapointed and came home with another overflowing bag of early summer goodness.

Monday, July 11, 2016

blueberry jam // preserving summer

Blueberry Jam // Preserving at Home
The first preserving session of the season happened this past weekend and it was awesome. We have this little blueberry stand down the road from us, Murphy's Blueberries and we stock up anytime we see pints of blueberries displayed in the little blue cart on the side of the road. Mrs. Murphy is exactly how I pictured her to be, the cutest little old lady that sports a house dress and apron who goes to Church on Sunday's. with Mr. Murphy. They have the best blueberries and raspberries in town, and now that Justin and I are settled into our new home I actually have time for preserving this year! 

There is nothing better than opening up a jar of homemade jam in the dead of winter.