Thursday, January 14, 2016

chocolate chia smoothie // avocado + cinnamon

SMBP // Chocolate Chia Smoothie
I'm a goal-setter, a list maker and definitely find myself relating the type A's. Rather than setting "resolutions" at the start of the new year I like to create a Life List. This habit started years ago, a girlfriend of mine hosted a Life List Party at the start of the year. The idea was two sided; goals for the upcoming year on one side, on the other, long term goals and aspirations. 

Some of my past lists have included creating a blog, become debt free by the time I turned 30,  purchase a home, learn to can from the garden, start a book club, become a more active participant within the community. Throughout the year I reference my list and cross of the goals that have been achieved. Looking through past lists to see what long term goals have actuated and revisit those that have fizzled is pretty therapeutic too.

SMBP // Chocolate Chia Smoothie
Last year I had a really good smoothie habit - they are quick, easy, filling and nutritious. They have the added benefit being able to quickly use up  fruits, veggies and fresh herbs that are at the edge of being forgotten. I primarily relied on a little personal size high speed blender for my morning smoothie...that was until I got a little impatient and decided to run the blender full of frozen chunky fruits with too little liquid, which in turn became a stinky hot mess in form of a burnt out motor.
 It was a sad, sad day. 

About a week later I received an email asking if I would like to try out a Nutribullet- ummm YEAH! This email just so happen to arrive the very same day I was set out to purchase another little blender from Walmart. It was meant to be- and let me tell you the Nutribullet beats the socks off the little wimpy blender I had in before.

SMBP // Chocolate Chia Smoothie
The Nutribullet I received comes with a base, 2 sizes of blender cups, drinking rims and a drinking to go cover which is handy if you are flying out the door in a hurry and need to take your smoothie along for the ride. For me, the best feature (aside from the power) is the size. The blender is small enough to store without taking up an entire cabinet which also makes it easy to use and clean up after.

SMBP // Chocolate Chia Smoothie
Avocado, pears, parsley, dates, chia and cacao power make up a power  house of a smoothie - the cacao blends nicely with the avocado and the dates add a little hint of sweetness that is needed to cut the overall richness, if you prefer your smoothies on the sweeter side I would add 1-2 additional dates.

SMBP // Chocolate Chia Smoothie

SMBP // Chocolate Chia Smoothie

SMBP // Chocolate Chia Smoothie
I would LOVE for you to have your very own Nutribullet and they would love for you have one as well!

This Buzzfeed Article pretty much sums up exactly how I feel about my Nutribullet.

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SMBP // Chocolate Chia Smoothie

Chocolate Chia Smoothie // Avocado + Cinnamon
2 servings

you will need:
small handful of greens // parsley, kale, arugula or spinach
1 Avocado // cubed
1 Ripe Pear // cubed
1 tsp Cinnamon
2 tbsp Raw Cacao Powder
1 tbsp Chia Seeds
3 dates, pitted
1 cup ice
2 cups Almond Milk or other non dairy milk

Place all ingredients in your blender and blend until smooth and creamy // about 1-2 minutes depending on your blender strength.

Pour into a glass and enjoy!

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*I was given this product to review however all thoughts and opinions are my own


  1. my blender broke, too, and now i use a handmixer to make smoothies! i would LOVEEEE a nutribullet. i honestly don't have any health goals for 2016 because i already eat really healthy and exercise every day. however, mental health is just as important and i am hoping this year is less stressful and i don't let things get to me.

    1. Oh man a handmixer that is rough - I hope you win! I'm the same my goals typically center around financial goals, personal growth :)

  2. My health goal this year is to lose this baby weight!

  3. Got my NutriBullet a month ago and love it. i use it to blend any small quantity of things as long as they aren't hot. Works better than my blender. Thanks for the recipe it looks delicious.

    1. I definitely some saw disaster photos of explosions from overfilling and blending hot items..I think I will leave the hot blending to my immersion blender :)

  4. My goal for 2016 is to meal prep every week and log daily on my fitness pal for my gyms challenge. Thanks for this awesome giveaway, winning this would make my plan much easier!

  5. I didn't make a specific goal for this year but in general I've been trying to do more "clean" eating, incorporating more fruits and vegetables and beans and getting away from stuff that's processed, fried, etc. Would love to try the bullet. I have a galley kitchen so small gadgets are a must!

  6. This is really amazing . Thanks for sharing


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