Friday, January 29, 2016

a book review: a plantiful table // sweet potato pie + giveaway!

Sweet Potato Pie
Does anyone else read their cookbooks like a novel or am I the only one?
The Plantiful Table has been one of the Cookbooks of 2015 that I have been waiting for - when the opportunity to review the book was presented I jumped at the opportunity. I have been following Drea's blog for a couple of years now and fell in love with her approach on feeding Marlowe and how her family treated meal time and food in general.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Globe In // a Kitchen Box Review

Globe In // Review
Over the years I have had my fair share of subscriptions boxes varying from vegan foods, designer clothing to a box full of doggy toys + treats for our Pup Anna. Some of these subscriptions have come and gone, I am currently in love with Happy Mail from A Beautiful Mess, there is nothing better than recieving a package curated just for you in the mail // it's like Christmas year round!

When Globe In contacted me to try one of their Subscriptions is was an easy YEAH, of course I will! After all, their mission and message was pretty fantastic: Support artisans and farmers from all walks of life with an emphasis on people in the developing world.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

book review: Super Foods 24/7 // bonus recipe + giveaway!

Coconut Kale Soup
Within the past couple of years we have seen a major upswing in creative vegan cookbooks on the market that totally hold their own and are finding a home on vegan and non vegan's bookshelves across the country. It has been amazing to witness veganism becoming more accepted and mainstream, it is no longer viewed as a hippie crunchie diet full of beans, sprouts and tofu - which of course I love all those things but way back the word vegan had a stigma attached to it.

Super Foods 24/7 offers up a variety of accessible, non intimidating and creative recipes that evolve around vegan super foods- let me just tell you, this book is pretty amazing.

Friday, January 15, 2016

coconut cacao nib oatmeal // date sugar + chia

coconut cacao nib oatmeal // date sugar + chia
One look at my instagram feed and it is totally obvious that I am a fan of breakfast. 
Breakfast is just so much fun! Everything from smoothies to tofu scrambles, pancakes and cinnamon rolls always have a place on my breakfast table.

During the winter months I crave a warm hearty breakfast. Oatmeal is one of my many go to winter breakfasts. 

A warm, filling and easy way to start the day on a good note.


Thursday, January 14, 2016

chocolate chia smoothie // avocado + cinnamon

SMBP // Chocolate Chia Smoothie
I'm a goal-setter, a list maker and definitely find myself relating the type A's. Rather than setting "resolutions" at the start of the new year I like to create a Life List. This habit started years ago, a girlfriend of mine hosted a Life List Party at the start of the year. The idea was two sided; goals for the upcoming year on one side, on the other, long term goals and aspirations. 

Some of my past lists have included creating a blog, become debt free by the time I turned 30,  purchase a home, learn to can from the garden, start a book club, become a more active participant within the community. Throughout the year I reference my list and cross of the goals that have been achieved. Looking through past lists to see what long term goals have actuated and revisit those that have fizzled is pretty therapeutic too.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

turning leftovers into soup // red lentil, rice + sweet potato soup

red lentil, rice + sweet potato soup
Most of us at one time or another have run into the dreaded leftovers that don't quite constitute as a full fledged "meal". Am I right?

Often times when making curry or a stir fry I always have a cup or so of rice leftover with no actual curry or stir fry to speak of. Or I will randomly have a cup of mashed squash or sweet potato sitting in in the fridge. 

I really make an effort not to waste food, when I have little odds and ends leftover from a meal I pop them in a container and store them in the fridge. During the winter month's these leftovers are most often used as  base for a weekend soup.

Friday, January 1, 2016

best of 2015!

My friends- Happy New Year!

2015 was a good year.
Lots of change and redirection of energy which left this little blog of mine a bit neglected the latter half of the year.

2016 will bring continued house renovations to our new home- this has become quite the project and where most of my energy has been directed the past 6 month's // I'd love to know if any of you would be interested in us sharing our process + progress on the blog.

Between putting our old home on the market, selling it in one day and closing on a new home within the same month that needed some TLC and our personal touch you could say my focus has been anywhere but the blog. 

This new year will also introduce a partnership with NOW Foods which I am really excited for as they are a brand I stand behind 110% and will be a source of new inspiration for upcoming blog posts.

 I am also super excited to be working on another Photography Project with the Experiment in 2016 for an upcoming vegan cookbook.

2016 also marks the 6th Anniversary of SMBP and I couldn't be more appreciative of the friendships and opportunities that have been made through SMBP.

Here's to a happy, healthy, successful and productive 2016!

I leave you with with SMBP's Best of 2015 // there some good ones in here!