Monday, January 5, 2015

sweet potato minestrone // chickpeas + pesto

Sweet Potato Pesto Minestrone // SMBP
Happy New Year!
Have you set your intentions for the new year? Each year I compile a life list; on one side I list out goals or intentions for the coming year , on the other side future long term goals and intentions.

I typically have these thought out way in advance, this year is a bit different. 2014 came and went so quickly I feel as though I'm just beginning to breathe again.

Intentions for 2015 // more whole plant based foods- less "vegan" junk food + processed foods // regain confidence + consistency in my yoga practice  // redefine + rediscover the purpose of this blog + what it means to me + direction // design our dream home

This soup is perfect to kick off the New Year - whole plant food goodness + loads of flavor, easy to make a batch for a week's worth of healthy lunches.

Sweet Potato Pesto Minestrone // SMBP
Do you remember my DIY canning at home post? Days like today remind me why I can, opening up a jar of vibrant red august tomatoes in the dead of winter puts  huge smile on my face. Frozen pesto from Septembers basil harvest adds incredible flavor to the soup base.

Sweet Potato Pesto Minestrone // SMBP
Little pasta shapes are fun right! Any little pasta works well - abc's , orzo or even broken spaghetti. 

Sweet Potato Pesto Minestrone // SMBP
Vegan bacon bits+ nooch; need I say more?

Sweet Potato Pesto Minestrone // SMBP
Sweet Potato Pesto Minestrone // SMBP
Long term goals + intentions are fun to look back on year after year - I've had the chance to achieve many of those goals throughout the years.  Some of  those goals were // become debt free before 30 (exception of mortgage) // buy a home // start a blog // generate revenue through photography // see my work in print.

I like to set a variety of goals; financial // creative // personal growth // career. I am a list maker at heart, so the act of writing down these goals and referring to them throughout the year helps to keep me accountable and provides me with a clearer vision- writing is therapeutic + motivating!

Sweet Potato Pesto Minestrone // SMBP
Sweet Potato Pesto Minestrone // SMBP
Are you in the practice of setting goals and intentions at the start of the New Year? 
I'd love to hear what you have planned!

Sweet Potato Pesto Minestrone // SMBP
Sweet Potato Pesto Minestrone // SMBP
Sweet Potato Pesto Minestrone // SMBP

Sweet Potato Minestrone // Chickpeas + Pesto
serves 6-8 people

you will need:

Drizzle of olive oil
2 tbsp vegan basil pesto 
1 small onion - diced
1 large carrot
1 large sweet potato, peeled and cubed
2 cups canned tomatoes
4-6 cups water
salt to taste
1 tbsp nutritional yeast 
 1/3 cup Stelline pasta
1 tbsp vegan Bacon bits (optional)
(1) 15 oz can Chickpeas 
Handful of green beans - trimmed and cut into bite size pieces
2 cups baby spinach

vegan parmesan cheese + grilled vegan buttered bread


Heat a medium soup pot over medium / high heat. Add olive oil, pesto, onion and carrot - saute until onion begins to soften and turn golden.

Add sweet potato, tomatoes, nutritional yeast , salt + water - stir. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes.

Add pasta, bacon bits, chickpeas and green beans- simmer for an additional 7-8 minutes (or according to cooking directions on pasta box).

Stir in baby spinach and recover- serve once spinach has wilted.

Ladle into bowls and top with vegan Parmesan and serve with buttered grilled bread.

Keeps well up to 4 days, the best after day 2//3.



  1. wow, lady! i love reading about the various goals you have accomplished over the years. makes me want to sit down and write a list of intentions for this year!

  2. wow this is just beautiful. stunning photography as always. happy new year!

  3. are you using fresh green beans? seems they may not cook long enough or are they el dente?

    1. Yes fresh green beans - mine were haricots verts so they cooked up perfectly, you may want to adjust the cooking time if you like a softer green bean

  4. Wow this looks like ultimate comfort food!

    I totally agree with you on list making- I actually have special notebooks for lists. So therapeutic and satisfying when you get to check things off!

  5. "Heat a medium soup over medium / high heat"?? Sauce pan?

  6. Can you use vegetable stock instead of water for more flavor? Also, why the yeast (& can you leave it out)?? Thanks!

    1. Hi! You can absolutely use vegetable stock or you can use the water and replace the nutritional yeast with a vegetable bullion cube. The nutritional yeast adds a really nice depth of flavor to teh overall soup.

  7. Hey Heather,

    I just made this recipe last night and it turned out wonderfully. It's so hearty and yummy. Thanks!

    1. Excellent! So glad you loved it, I am so excited that soup season is here :)


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