Friday, December 19, 2014

Keepin' it Kind Holiday Cookie Swap! coconut pecan chocolate caramel squares

Happy Holiday's !!
Let me tell you, I'm so excited to share this recipe at Keepin' it Kind for Kristy's annual cookie swap, thank you Kristy for having me !

  I look forward to this cookie swap ever year; amazing vegan cookie goodness all in one spot, what's not to love?

 I also love that eating cookies for breakfast this time of year is totally socially acceptable....which I have definitely been taking advantage of this week, especially after making a batch of these cookie bars!  So head on over to  Keepin' it Kind for the recipe!



  1. These squares look so moist and flavoursome, I need the chocolatey goodness :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  2. OMG these look amazing!! Wow love your blog
    I have recently started a blog and I am doing some healthy sweets soon! Health eating just doesn't work without treats :)
    XX Merry christmas :)

  3. These look so good! My Grandma makes something similar, but these look easier, and hers are NOT good for you lol.

    Thanks for sharing!

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