Friday, April 25, 2014

weekly life through instagram eyes

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 {current spring breakfast obsession: fruit, granola & yogurt bowl- working on a DIY yogurt post!}

It finally feels like spring! That means quality time with the garden- we are getting to know one another once again, seedlings, yummy breakfast bowls & alfresco dining in the backyard.

Summer I am so ready for you.

 {shallot balsamic tomato soup, grilled cheeze made with daiya jalapeno Havarti- comfort food at its best}

{monthly Vegan Cuts snack box- so excited to find a glass straw amongst this month's booty!}

{Puppy girl! One of the rare occasions she was still enough to snap a pic}

{carrots that overwintered! I discovered them while cleaning up the garden on Saturday}

{quick and easy mushroom & broccoli stir-fry with shallots, carrots, yellow peppers & soyaki over basmati rice}

{Spencer looking super handsome}

{the official start of the garden- seedlings are set & already sprouting!}

{post work out smoothie- pb choco banana}



  1. Your Instagram feed has fast become one of my favourites! All of your pictures are so cozy and homey, I love it :)

  2. Looks like good eating! Love the animal pics too.

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