Friday, April 18, 2014

weekly life through instagram eyes

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{triple berry smoothie:  blueberries, blackberries, cherries, spinach, cinnamon & h2o}

I am so lacking in both the recipe department & Instagram pics this week! I promise you I have some goodies ready to go for next week - slaw, tacos, granola and hopefully an amazing tart. This past Sunday I made a trip down to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut with my Mom, Gram and my Mom's best Friend- it was a blast; lost $$ but the endless laughs and smiles made up for the money lost. I am hoping to also have a garden post up for you next week- I am waaaay behind, my seeds will be planted this weekend, which should have happened a month ago- so is life, they will catch up soon enough. Enjoy your weekend my friends!
 {chickpea magazine - probably my most favorite magazine in the universe}

 {gardein burger sliders, potato & onion pierogi sauteed with Dino kale, garlic & onion} 

{Tofu, quinoa, three bean chili topped with vegan mozzarella}
{"beef" stew- gardein steak tips, basmati rice, tomato paste, vegan Worcestershire sauce, onion, mushroom, carrots, peas, h2o, salt & pepper}

{The makings of homemade dough for Pizza Friday! Yeast, h2o, Italian seasoning, flour, maple syrup, salt & olive oil}


  1. I can't believe I still haven't read Chickpea magazine. Everyone raves about it, and hearing that it's your favorite ever makes me that much more intrigued. Tell me more about these pierogies! Did you make them from scratch or buy them frozen? I so miss pierogies. I wish that a restaurant in my area would make them, so that I wouldn't have to make them from scratch. :)

    1. Oh I wish I had the patience to make pierogies on my own! I found a vegan version at Market Basket, I cannot recall the name but they were pretty tasty :) Chickpea is a must, I absolutely love that the content is sourced from so many talented people across the country and world - this past issue was very heavy on written content but the articles were interesting and well written- like I said, it is my favorite vegan mag out there and I love the overall feel of the layout, photos and free form hand written print- you gotta check em' out!

  2. I'm still wondering how I can make it happen to move in with you....because damn girl everything you instagram looks incredible :)

    1. Oh man when you find a way let me know, we do have a spare bedroom! We would eat so well between the two of us!

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