Monday, September 9, 2013

eggplant tomato bialy sandwich

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I came across a Bialy for the first time a few weeks ago at my local farmers market, they instantly caught my eye; I am a sucker for all things bread. The Bread Peddler on a typical week has on display beautiful loaves of bread. These were different- little round bread circles filled with onions and poppy seeds, I totally needed these in my life, like yesterday. My first thought when I popped the brown bag of Bialy's into my basket was- Sandwiches! I headed home with the intent on making a sandwich, but of course got sidetracked with the garden and ended up bringing the Bialy's to my Dad's BBQ in place of traditional buns. My step mom and sisters knew right off what a Bialey was, apparently they are a popular treat on Cape Cod.

After reading up on the Bialy, I learned that they are a traditional Polish bread filled with a combination of garlic, onions, poppy seeds & bread crumbs. If you are interested, additional information on the Bialy can be found here
When I made this sandwich my garden was bursting with fresh tomatoes, by the time you read this post the tomatoes in my garden will be hanging by a thread, luckily though the farmers at the market are still growing beautiful tomatoes, hopefully your tomato season lasts a little longer too! The only time I really enjoy eggplant is during the months of August and September, by the end of September I have eaten my weights worth in eggplant and need a bit if break from it until the following round of CSA eggplant next August & September. I really do believe sometimes too much of a good thing is not always good.

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You can easily replace the red lettuce with any fall green you fancy; basil would also be amazing, looking back at my notes that is what I had originally intended on using, somehow red leaf lettuce made its way onto the sandwich and into the photo shoot! I'll let it slide, it really is quite pretty.
Alongside the Baily sandwich I ate my all time favorite soup; Avocado Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup. I kid you not, this is one of the easiest and most comforting soups I make, it is on heavy rotation in my kitchen year round - I have been known to eat an entire batch over the course of a couple hours- yes it is that good.

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 A little effort goes a long way for a quick and comforting weekend lunch or light weekday dinner. The entire meal took only about 20 minutes from start to finish. Nothing tastes better than a meal made with wholesome ingredients, homemade in your kitchen and comforting. If you haven't noticed, comfort has been a common theme in my posts, this is the time of year I simply want to wrap you all up in cozy sweaters and cuddle for a while.

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What are your comfort foods this time of year?

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Eggplant Tomato Bialy Sandwich
makes 2 sandwiches
 {recipe for creamy avocado chipotle sweet potato soup here!}
you will need: 
1 small eggplant sliced into rounds, salted 
1 Heirloom Tomato - sliced
hand full red lettuce
2 Bialy's
whole grain mustard

pre heat oven to 425*

Slice and salt your eggplant - place on a rimmed baking sheet lightly sprayed with olive oil. Place the eggplant on the baking sheet and spray the eggplant rounds with olive oil. Bake for 10-15 minutes or until eggplant it golden and soft. Remove from oven.

While eggplant is baking, slice your tomatoes, prep your lettuce and cut your buns. During the last 2 minutes of baking the eggplant, place the bialy rolls, cut side down in the oven to warm.

Remove baily's & eggplant from oven. Spread while grain mustard on each side of the bialy roll. Layer 3-4 slices of roasted eggplant, 3 slices of tomato and lettuce onto the bottom half of of the bialy, top with the other half of the roll. Repeat the process for the second Bialy.




  1. Simplicity at it's best. These sandwiches look perfect.
    I've never heard of bialys before but they sound good. I might have to try making my own this autumn :)

  2. (oops sorry for the extra apostrophe...typing too quickly!)

    1. No worries! If you can find a Bialy they are so worth it, they are my new obsession!

    2. Most bagel shops carry bialys too.

  3. bialy looks and sounds delightful! i want this sandwich in my belly.

    1. So good, I wonder if Richa could come up with a GF version :)

  4. I'm definitely trying this - I looooove eggplant sandwiches of pretty much any kind. Love!

    1. Me too, this time of year; I am not so sure my answer will be the same at the end of September, I am usually egg planted out!

  5. i havent tried this bialy before.looks like a perfect bread for this sandwich!

  6. I've never had a bialy before -- thanks for introducing me to something new! It sounds delicious, and I love the eggplant and tomato together. I have NOT had my fill of eggplant yet, so I guess I better get me some! The weather has only just begun to turn cool here, and I'm already looking forward to having more soups and stews on the menu. I think a good bowl of soup with a hunk of crusty bread is some of my favorite comfort food!

    1. Oh man; soups and chilis are my go to comfort food for the fall season- we have already started in on the comfort foods- the weather has been super chilly!

  7. I'd never heard of bialy's (bialies?) before, but they do look very tasty indeed. I love reading about your visits to farmers' markets, it makes me miss my little markets in London. They don't seem to have frequent markets where I live now, sadly...

    1. That is so sad! Maybe you have room for a garden on some sort?

      We are so fortunate to have many Markets and farmers all within a sort drive from one another!

  8. Yum! I love bialys! I lived in NY for 7 years and it's turned me into such a snob about bagels/bialys. You are so lucky to have someone who sells such delicious looking ones at your farmer's market!

    1. Oh man you were so lucky to have lived in NY for 7 years!

  9. This sandwich looks like it is full of delicious ingredients, and they fit together so well :D

    Choc Chip Uru


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