Friday, June 28, 2013

swiss chard & white bean grilled sammie

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A few weeks ago I was totally being fussy and indecisive as to what I wanted for lunch. Looking for something comforting but at the same time healthy and fresh. My creation - a sandwich that is just as comforting as a grilled cheese but packed full of healthy goodness. In my opinion a grilled sandwich is so much better than one that is not- buttery toasty warm goodness. This is my summer comfort food perfected.

As I mention in my last post, the garden is in full swing. Early planted crops such as radishes, Swiss chard and lettuce are ready for harvest. The peas are flowering and all my heat loving plants are in their rightful spots. With all this heat and rain I am keeping my fingers crossed for a productive garden- so far all signs are pointing towards an amazing year of homegrown food.
The best part of growing your own food is harvesting it according to your own preferences- I LOVE baby Swiss chard over full grown, the best part about chard - you can cut the outer leaves and new baby ones will continue to grow. I can literally harvest from the same set of seeds sown in April through October.

Now I know it is a bit early for tomatoes, but I had one on my counter and decided it belonged in this sandwich. The radishes and Swiss chard are in season, straight from my garden. The bread is spread with the left over white bean dip from the crostini's I posted about on Wednesday, before being sandwich together the radishes are generously sprinkled with cracked pepper and good flaky salt.
Then grilled- the best part of the sandwich besides its insides.

DSC01711.jpg DSC01683.jpg

DSC01682.jpg DSC01705.jpg
A sandwich not to be shared, but rather inhaled or savored...depending on how ravishingly hungry you are.

DSC01716.jpg DSC01712.jpg
This beautiful sandwich shared its plate with a bowl of super simple shallot balsamic soup-  a recipe I will share with you early next week. This lunch or light dinner can literally be on the table in 15 minutes or less without heating up the house. That my friends, is a summer meal you can count on any day of the week.

Swiss Chard & White Bean Grilled Sammie
makes 1 sandwich, easily doubled

you will need:
2 slices of your favorite bread
baby rainbow Swiss chard
1-2 radishes thinly sliced
tomato slices
2 tbsp white bean spread (found here!)
vegan butter
salt & pepper

 Spread 1 tbsp of the white bean spread on each slice of bread. Layer one slice with Swiss chard & tomatoes, the other slice with radishes seasoned well with salt & pepper. Sandwich the 2 pieces together. Spread one side with vegan butter. Place sandwich buttered side down in a pre heated pan over medium heat, spread the other side with vegan butter. Cook until golden brown and flip, cook the other side the same. Remove from the pan, slice in half & enjoy!


  1. wow..that just looks perfect. super envious of that bread, too.

  2. that is one pretty sandwich.. love the radish slices! they always make everything look delicate and beautiful:) love that bread too

  3. What a great lunch! ;)
    That sandwich looks really good ;)

  4. Ummmm, want! Please deliver to my house in California ;-)

  5. I love how gourmet this sandwich looks with its classy ingredients :D


  6. I love making this kind of sandwich in the summer as a lighter lunch - a layer of creamy bean spread and a few fresh veggies is all you need! And of course, some great bread too! Yum!

  7. This looks amazing! Using a bean spread in the place of a vegan cheese is one of my favourite additions to sandwiches.

    Wow all your produce looks amazing! I'm so jealous! Those radishes look simply perfect :) Did you know you're the person who got me to re-try and like radishes?? Go you!

  8. This answers the question of what to do with the baby rainbow swiss chard I've got growing in my window pot! Thanks!

  9. That looks amazing! Why have I never put radishes in my sandwich before? Such a good idea!

  10. This looks like such a divine lunch! I love white beans, I've started a habit of always having a can in the cupboard. I know what my next white bean adventure will be!!! Thanks for the gorgeous recipe. LOVE your blog xxx


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