Monday, February 18, 2013

wild mushroom + pistachio pesto pasta

wild mushroom + pistachio pesto pasta
Remember that recipe I promised? Well here it is!  I don't often eat pasta, but sometimes I crave a carby pasta meal - I do love quinoa pasta but recently fallen in love with Hodgson Spinach Spaghetti - it is amazing! You can easily use your favorite pasta and mushroom combination. Currently I have been lusting over these amazing mushrooms I found at my local winters farmers market - this man knows his 'shrooms and it shows in the taste and texture of the mushrooms. I used a combination of fresh king oyster mushrooms and dried matsutake mushrooms. Matsutake mushrooms are one of the most prized mushrooms autumn flavors that represent Japan. The simplicity of this meal, in my opinion, made every flavor used truly shine.

wild mushroom + pistachio pesto pasta
 When I made this, I wasn't really sure what Justin's reaction would be. Pesto with him is either a hit or miss - I was surprised when he asked if there was seconds- that's when I know a dish is a "two thumbs up". Another telltale sign that he really enjoys a meal is the leg shake; literally his leg starts bobbing up and down, head down & without conversation other than a smile and a mmm hmm when asked if he likes his meal- his version of a seal of approval, I'll take it!
wild mushroom + pistachio pesto pasta
wild mushroom + pistachio pesto pasta
The only thing that was disappointing with this meal was the lack of leftovers - the next go around I will be preparing a double batch to guarantee lunch for the following day.

wild mushroom + pistachio pesto pasta wild mushroom + pistachio pesto pasta
wild mushroom + pistachio pesto pasta
I know some of you have "picky" eaters or tough critics (who love us dearly) - Justin is funny, he likes some foods only prepared certain ways. I am famous for trying to sneak in an ingredient that he has convinced himself he doesn't like and I know he will like it if he just gives it another try in a different way - lets just say  we have played our fair share of  him: "what's in this?" me: "guess what it is, just take one bite - bet you can't guess!" ; I would say 50% of the time he guesses right. And Thanks to Kristy at keepin' it kind, I finally got him to eat artichokes0 even if they were disguised in a tasty tapenade!
wild mushroom + pistachio pesto pasta
How do you handle a picky eater or tough critic?
Do you try not to take it personally, knowing that there tastes may be a bit more limited than yours?
wild mushroom + pistachio pesto pasta
Wild Mushroom & Pistachio Pesto Pasta
makes 2 servings

you will need:
3 king oyster mushrooms - sliced
1 cup dried matsutake mushrooms - soaked
1 tsp coconut oil
handful of pasta
1/3 cup pasta cooking water
salt & pepper to taste

Cook your pasta according to directions

In a large frying pan heat coconut oil over medium high heat - saute mushrooms until golden brown.

Add cooked pasta directly to the frying pan - turn heat off. Toss 2-4 tbsp of pesto plus 1/3 cup of pasta water with the pasta and mushrooms, tossing well to coat noodles and mushrooms.

Divide between 2 plates and season with salt & pepper to taste.




  1. Haha, The Fiance has the same leg shake. He's not very picky over all, but he's definitely more picky than me. Most of the time he says he doesn't like something it turns out he does if I make it well... the one thing I can't change his mind about are sweet potatoes, though. I love 'em, he hate's em... crazy man. :P
    I love the color of the pesto on the pasta! One of my favorite uses for pesto, for sure - I love the combination with the mushrooms, too. Mmm! I think The Fiance and I could both go for a bowl of this. :)

  2. Yum! There's something about sauteed mushrooms combined with pesto that just sounds incredibly rich, satisfying and delicious. I need this pasta in my life :)

  3. This has so many great colors and textures going on!

  4. This looks great, do you have a recipe for the pesto? I also love the idea of using coconut oil.

    1. I sure do! It was the post prior :)

  5. I can eat pasta every single day and this is the kind I like, loaded with pesto!

  6. i take criticism from dayv very personally. let's just say when he first became gf vegan, i cried every night for about two months.

    LOVE this pasta, lady! it's so vibrant and reminds me of spring. mushrooms and pistachios look SO GOOD thrown in there. i need this.

  7. This looks so dang good and comorting and delicious! I'm not even a pasta lover and this is something I could eat a whole bowl of. Wow! And those mushrooms!

    I am so happy that Justin liked the tapenade! Yay for hiding-foods-so-our-loved-ones-won't-know-they're-eating-something-they-don't-like! :-)

  8. And where did you find that pasta-comb thing? I've never seen one before but it's so cool!

    1. My Mom! She found a set a cool cooking tools at an Antique Store in Newport Massachusetts :)

  9. vivek isnt particular most days except about some authentic indian stuff. and he loves mushrooms and pesto.. this is perfect dish for him.. the pasta looks so delicious and vibrant!

  10. That hudson spinach pasta really is the best! Oh how I've missed your posts! Sorry for not being around. I kinda got sidelined. Delicious stuff girl! xx

  11. OH my goodness this looks amazing! You just can not go wrong with pesto and I love the use of King Oyster mushrooms in this recipe! Thanks for sharing...


  12. I love love LOVE your flavours in this delicious dish :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  13. Ooh I knew you would find a tasty use for that pesto! My family is pretty good at giving me honest opinions on the things I make, especially if I'm testing a recipe for my blog and want their feedback. I try to understand that they are being helpful and giving constructive criticism, but it's hard when they don't like a recipe that I like! In some cases, I know that we just have different tastes and my blog readers might still appreciate the recipe!

  14. How am I supposed to lose weight with food this yummy? I ate a lot more than I should!

  15. Yah, I wasn't sure how the pesto could get any better, but obviously mushrooms and pasta are the answer. This looks amazeballs!!

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