Monday, February 4, 2013

breakfast sandwich

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Sunday mornings when we are not enjoying our beloved pancakes you will find Justin and I noshing on breakfast sandwiches and home fries with a side of fresh fruit. When Justin became vegan one of the things he missed most was his beloved breakfast sandwich. He hadn't yet started to love tofu "eggs" and daiya - he still isn't head over heels in love with daiya, but he is in love with this breakfast sandwich. It took him 6 months to just to try a bite , the good news is after one bite he was hooked.

DSC00112.jpg DSC00113.jpg 
When I would make this sandwich for myself, all I'd get from Justin was funny looks, a sniff of my sandwich then a scrunched up nose with a declaration "I could never eat that" - ha! I was determined to get him to at least try it, the real challenge being for him to try it and like it.
Finally, he got curious -he was so terribly missing this beloved breakfast staple that he tried just a bite and you know what -loved it.
For Justin, the closer it resembles the original the better - he doesn't go for the greens or the tomato, just straight up tofu "egg", daiya & Canadian "bacon".

I on the other hand love a fresh element to any meal - just a simple handful of greens makes me smile. 
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Here in the Lakes Region we are so incredibly lucky to have a large winter farmers market - embarrassingly, last weekend was my first trip to this market. I could not believe the number of farmers that participate and the variety they are able to produce even in the coldest winter months.

One farmer had an amazing variety of sprouts and micro-greens - once I caught a glimpse of her beautiful organic pea shoots I just couldn't pass them up.

  This is our go to breakfast when we have a crazy day head of us - quick, easy, filling and healthy.
We also enjoy these topped with tempeh bacon, arugula & sauteed peppers. You can get really creative or basic with this type of  breakfast sandwich, all you need is the core tofu "egg" and build from there.
Was there any certain food that you had your mind made up about before trying, but then actually tried it and fell in love with it after the fact?

 Are you a fan of tofu "eggs"?
  Breakfast Sandwich
makes 1 sandwich - easily multiplied

you will need:
(1) Vegan English Muffin - toasted
2 slices of extra firm Tofu - 1/2" thick
1/8 Himalayan Sulfur Salt per slice
1/8 tsp Turmeric per slice
1/4 tsp Nutritional Yeast per slice
2 small slices daiya cheese
 1 slice of Vegan Canadian Bacon (such as Yves)
1 slice tomato
small handful of  pea shoots or other green
dab of vegan butter

 slice your tofu 1/2" thick - sprinkle turmeric, salt & nutritional yeast on one side of each half
pre heat a medium frying pan over medium high heat- add butter.
Once butter has melted place tofu in pan- seasoned side down. Sprinkle the remaining seasoning over the unseasoned halves of the tofu.

Cook tofu for 3-5 minutes - or until one side is golden brown.
flip and reduce heat to medium/low - top one half of tofu with daiya. Once golden brown, place the other half of tofu on top of the slice that is topped with daiya.

Place the Canadian Bacon on top of the tofu/daiya stack. Turn off heat and allow the daiya to melt and Canadian bacon to heat through - you can cover frying pan if you so choose.

Once daiya has melted, place tofu egg stack on one half of a toasted English muffin. Top with a slice of tomato*, greens & other half of the English muffin.  

*You can also place the tomato at the bottom  then top with the tofu egg.




  1. man oh man, i can't remember the last time i had a breakfast sandwich. over 10 years ago i would guess. i love your veganized version- it looks so savory and filling.

    i think i had tofu eggs once or twice, and it was ions ago. i remember them being ok, but i was never a fan of scrambled eggs, so they just weren't my thing.

    i remember before i tried nooch, being afraid of it and not wanting to purchase it. but then i decided to go for it and was blown away by how amazing it was. now, i'm pretty sure i could just eat it by the spoonful, like cereal :P

    1. Nooch definitely grew on me- I had a pretty bad experience with making "mac n cheeze" with a pure nooch sauce- all I can say it wasn't for us!

  2. It looks so pretty! I'm going to have to try this out and see if Matt would like it. He is like Justin - no greens on his breakfast sandwiches. :) I would love your version though!

    1. Thanks Meliss! This is one of my favorite breakfast's- so good!

  3. that is one mighty pretty sandwich! i love microgreens:) they just make everything look so pretty and fresh.
    I dont eat much tofu, so i'll make this out of thin slices of tempeh. this is an awesome weekend breakfast!

    1. Aren't micro greens the prettiest, I cannot get enough of them! Oooo tempeh, I love it :)

  4. I made so many tofu breakfast sandwiches when I first went vegan, but I can't even remember the last time I had one now! Yours looks incredible, I'm so inspired :)

    I hadn't been to my market in ages either and I just got around to going. Great minds think a like?

    1. I am a tofu addict, lately I cannot get enough of the stuff!

  5. That is an ideal sandwich be it morning or midnight (actually morning if you think about it ;))


    1. I could totally nosh on this at Midnight, really any time of the day!

  6. This looks so good, Heather! What a way to start your day!

    And I was just like Justin when I became vegan. In those early days, I didn't want to be one of those hippies who ate tofu all the time and the idea of having nutritional yeast, Bragg Liquid Aminos, miso, or liquid smoke in my kitchen was out of the question. I didn't want to be one of "those vegans." Now, I couldn't live without those staples!

    1. Isn't funny how we evolve! I have learned so much about different ingredients and products since becoming vegan, it has opened up a whole new world for sure, especially for Justin!

  7. That looks so awesome, even though I just finished supper I felt a yen to try this! Happily I have to go shopping tomorrow, so I'll be able to pick up the ingredients I don't have on hand - yum!

    1. You won't regret making and eating this sandwich - it is so good!

  8. Wow, that's one big and hearty breakfast sandwich! It looks like something you would order at a vegan restaurant - I'm surprised you would have to convince anyone to try it! I haven't seen tofu "eggs" done this way rather than being scrambled, but it sounds like this method would work well for a sandwich. I've never heard of vegan Canadian bacon either - strange!

    1. Yves makes a pretty awesome Canadian bacon - I don't consume too many fake meats but this is must for me on a breakfast sandwich :)

  9. I love tofu eggs! One of my favorite ways to enjoy tofu- this sandwich looks awesome!

  10. Hi there,
    I was wondering how these would hold up in the fridge or freezer if I wanted to make a bunch at a time and save them for the week. Any idea? I have a crazy work week and cooking breakfast for myself at 3 am isn't something I'm into, but if I could reheat these it'd be perfect!


    1. Oh goodness I am really as I have never frozen these and reheated- I would say the main components would be okay (tofu egg, canadian "bacon" and Cheese on the english muffin would be okay- I would avoid adding in the pea shoots and tomato- those two elements wouldn't reheat very nicely. If you want to keep those ingredients I would simply have the pea shoots or sprouts along with tomato sliced prepped and then add to the reheated sandwich. If you do try this let me know how it works out!


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