Wednesday, February 6, 2013

bok choi + king oyster mushroom quinoa

bok choi + king oyster mushroom quinoa
Can I tell you how amazing it is to once again have fresh produce inspire my everyday meals. I really thought inspiration like this wouldn't be here again until late Spring. As I mentioned in Monday's post, I am lucky enough to have an amazing Winter Farmers Market just a short drive away. The number of Farmers and the amount of produce and veggies at the market had me in giggles, I was happier than a kid in a candy store.

bok choi + king oyster mushroom quinoa
One of the last farmers I visited had the most beautiful bok choi I had ever seen - I actually had never seen bok choi at our local farmers market. I was instantly drawn to the red choi - it actually looks more purple in color, but is part of the red choi family. Having no idea what I would make with choi having never cooked with them I bought three, I would figure out what to do with them later.
bok choi + king oyster mushroom quinoa bok choi + king oyster mushroom quinoa
bok choi + king oyster mushroom quinoa
My very first find of the day was NH grown Mushrooms- SAY WHAT! Holy cow, we have someone in NH growing their own organic mushrooms - how did I not know this? Let me tell you, I could have spent a $100 with the mushroom man - instead I spent $17 on 4 gorgeous king oyster mushrooms and some other really fancy dried mushrooms that I plan on using this weekend (recipe to come!)
bok choi + king oyster mushroom quinoa
  So after our breakfast of champions I set to work on what to do with my market finds. When you have fresh, beautiful produce 9 times out of 10 simple is best.
This dish comes together so incredibly fast- even faster if you have some quinoa cooked and ready to go.
A simple Asian inspired sauce is whipped up with ingredients I am sure most of you have on hand, a quick stir fry in the pan and you are more than half way to lunch.
bok choi + king oyster mushroom quinoa bok choi + king oyster mushroom quinoa
bok choi + king oyster mushroom quinoa

The one ingredient you may not have kicking around in your everyday pantry is the Umami Paste which is totally optional. Justin surprised me with the Umami paste for Christmas (he knows his way to a foodies heart) - you can find it here on amazon, it is a pretty cool product. No worries though, without it this dish will still taste amazing.
bok choi + king oyster mushroom quinoa
Is bok choi a familiar ingredient to you? For me it was a first but certainly not my last time cooking with this awesome green!

Are you lucky enough to participate in a Winter CSA or have a local Winters Farmers Market in your area?
bok choi + king oyster mushroom quinoa
Bok Choi & King Oyster Mushroom Quinoa
makes 2 servings

you will need:

2 King Oyster Mushrooms - sliced into rounds
3 small bunches Bok Choi - ends trimmed
1 tbsp coconut oil

1/2 cup quinoa rinsed well + 1 cup water

for the sauce
2 tbsp tamari
1 tbsp sweet white miso
1 tbsp rice vinegar
drizzle liquid sweetener
1/4 tsp umami paste (optional)
1/4 cup + 3 tbsp water
pea shoots


in a small sauce pan bring 1 cup of water to a boil - add rinsed quinoa and cover. Reduce to a simmer and cook for 10 minutes. Turn burner off and allow quinoa to sit covered, for an additional 5-10 minutes. 

In a medium bowl whisk all sauce ingredients reserving 3 tbsp of water - set aside.

Melt the coconut oil in a large frying pan over medium high heat - add the mushrooms to the pan and half of the sauce- pan sear mushrooms until both sides are golden brown, if needed add a tablespoon of reserved water to prevent sauce from burning. Add bok choi and reduce heat to medium/low, add remaining sauce and saute until bok choi is just wilted but still bright in color. Remove pan from heat.

Evenly divide quinoa amongst 2 bowls and top each bowl with bok choi mushroom mix*

If desired top with fresh pea shoots.
*(divided evenly between both bowls)



  1. what a delicious, asian inspired bowl! i am a great lover of oyster mushrooms and cannot even imagine how amazing fresh ones are, as i have only had packaged ones from whole foods. i've never been a huge fan of bok choy, but do enjoy it on occasion.

  2. I LOVE this. I am completely spoiled to have a farmers market every week of the year, walking distance. My limit is just how much I can carry ;-) But I don't think I've seen bok choi at our farmer's market yet! I love using it in easy stir fry.

  3. I've been dying to try cooking with king oyster mushrooms! This dish looks so soon as I'm doing with this cleanse I think I'll be making it!

  4. Wow that red bok choy is just gorgeous! As is this dish. You are so good at letting the produce shine!

    Yay for inspiration :)

  5. I love bok choy and totally on a baby bok choy kick at the moment. The umami paste is new to me. What does it taste like?

  6. Gorgeous! :) I just tried bok choy for the first time tonight! I had a vegan bok choy and mushroom pizza at a local restaurant. So yummy!!! I have to make this ASAP!

  7. lovelovelove this recipe! I love asian inspired dishes, not to mention inspiration stemming from farmer's markets! I have some baby bok choi now, they're cute but definitely not as beautiful as the gems you found :)

  8. gosh.. this is some gorgeous vegetable porn:)) look at those beauties! and your photography! and a bowl of deliciousness.
    i picked up some bok choi and used it up in a stir fry with buckwheat noodles.

  9. Wow that bok choy is so pretty! I love using it it stir frys too. Your winter farmers market sounds so great, and it looks like you got some awesome finds. This dish looks super delicious!

  10. Confession: I have never cooked bok choi! I've certainly eaten it before, but it's never really grabbed my attention... but if I saw it at a market looking as beautiful as that red choi I would flip my lid. Gorgeous! And your quinoa is stunning... the colors are incredible, and the dark backdrop you used really makes it pop. The photos are really, really incredible. I wish I had some fresh mushrooms, now, because you've got my tastebuds inspired!

  11. Oh my gosh, these photos are absolutely stunning! And I am the same way- I could easily spend $100 on fancy mushrooms. What an incredibly delicious and inviting dish!

  12. This looks absolutely glorious! I love the combination of ingredients and the sauce sounds delicious. Super healthy too. Bok choi is one of my favorites!

    I would love for you to come enter this recipe in Thank Goodness It's Quinoa, a bi-weekly link party celebrating all things quinoa. I know our readers would love this.

    Here's the link if you're interested:

    Happy Friday!!

  13. I was looking at the umami paste to see what the ingredients were and the "original" umami paste is not vegan! It says it is made " with tomato, olives, porcini mushrooms, Parmigiano cheese and anchovies"

    There is a vegetarian umami paste by the same distributor which seems vegan, although it seems like one could make their own since the ingredients are listed.

    1. In my post I mention /link (second to last paragraph) the Umami Paste that is the vegan version, when you click on the link it takes you directly to the vegan friendly option not the original with anchovies & Parm

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