Saturday, December 1, 2012

heather's noel nut rounds ~ a cookie swap

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How excited was I when I received an invite to Kristy's Cookie Swap - um, super excited!
Kristy from Keepin' it Kind is amazing, she truly is a blogger that I look up to - she has an amazing heart, is adorable and  creates mouth watering recipes. How could I say no? I would love for you to head on over to Keepin' it Kind for what I hope will become a yearly tradition - make sure you check out the other cookies  & treats brought to the swap by some amazing Bloggers!

Simply click on the link to be whisked away to Keepin' it Kind for sheer cookie bliss -including of course my Noel Nut Rounds.

And one more thing, make sure you stop by throughout December for more amazing cookie recipes as the swap will continue up until Christmas.

Happy Baking!



  1. Mmmmm time for some cookie heaven my friend :D


  2. oh my gosh those look so yummy! i just LOVE nutty cookies!

  3. yum yum yum!!!!!! these look delicious! :)

  4. These look divine, and I also love Keepin it Kind!

    We're celebrating our favorite holiday recipes on this month's Shine Supper Club and this recipe would be a perfect contribution. Maybe you'll join us!

  5. Thank you again for participating, Heather- these beauties were such a great addition!


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