Monday, December 17, 2012

chocolate pecan pear truffles

chocolate pecan pear truffles
It's just not Christmas without truffles - rich and chocolaty, they are the perfect bite-sized holiday treat when you are looking for just a little something sweet.
Truffles are super easy to make, no stove top or oven required - just 15 minutes of your time, a few ingredients and cute containers to display your handcrafted truffles which are sure to make your friends and family smile this holiday season.

chocolate pecan pear truffles
I love the holiday season - however this time of year I find it difficult to remain balanced. Last week I had 5 different engagements to attend which typically means less gym time, more harried eating and not so balanced meals.
chocolate pecan pear truffleschocolate pecan pear truffles
The truffles I am sharing with you today allow a little sweetness during the Holidays with a bit of a healthy twist - healthier than your normal truffle.
Pecans, coconut oil, pear butter, maple syrup, cocoa, vanilla & cinnamon are the only ingredients found in these truffles - less refined sugar means less quilt and could also mean a little more healthy indulgence this holiday season.
What is your secret to staying balanced this time of year?
Do you look forward to the New Year just to hit the "restart" button and get back to healthy well planned days with far less commitments that the Holidays bring?
DSC09546.jpgchocolate pecan pear truffles
chocolate pecan pear truffles
Chocolate Pecan Pear Truffles
makes 24 truffles
you will need:
1 cup pecans
2 tbsp coconut oil - slightly softened (room temp)
2 tbsp pear butter or other fruit butter
1 tsp cinnamon + more for rolling
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
2 tsp pure maple syrup
1/4 cup cocoa powder + more for rolling
in a food processor pulse all ingredients together until a soft batter/dough is formed. Working with a teaspoon at a time roll a bit of truffle dough between the balls of your hands forming a round truffle.
Place the extra cinnamon on one plate and cocoa on another - roll each truffle in either the cinnamon or cocoa - alternating with each truffle (12 & 12 of each kind).
Place truffles in mini cupcake wrappers or simply serve on a small platter.


  1. these are just the cutest, heather! you always have the coolest ingredients. pear butter sounds amazing.

    this time of year can be hectic, for sure. for me, i just always stick to my schedule for eating and exercising. i can't function if i don't keep my routine.

  2. these sound delicious! my problem this time of year is trying to focus- I have a hard time making myself get work done when I am thinking about gifts, family, and friends... usually that just means playing catch up in the new year ;-)

  3. These look delicious! :) Using fruit butter for truffles is a great idea. Perfect way to add flavour :)

  4. I loveeee truffles. I actually just made a ton for work, but this flavor combination is much more interesting!

  5. oh my.. these truffles sound soo soo good! you are on a roll, making so many goodies and posting them too! my only commitment in december is hubbs, who is off from work. that is enough busyness for me already:) Happy holidays!

  6. These are making me smile and I haven't even made them yet! Get your butt over to my site and enter my vegan dog food giveaway. I'll send you some even if you're not in the top 20 ;)xx

  7. These look so rich and decadent, yet I love that they're still healthy! I've felt pretty busy the last week without a lot of time to relax, but at the same time I always enjoy the excitement of the holidays. Even if it means I fall behind on things like blogging, I'm happy to be spending more time with family and doing lots of fun things!

  8. I love these truffles! Pear butter? Pecans? These would make adorable little gifts!

  9. Wow these look so delicious :) Such an amazing idea :) !!

  10. Mmmm I actually love the flavours of pear and chocolate together, so I love that you put them in a truffle! I love sneaking in fruit and veggies wherever I can, and it's especially important in the holiday season. Not sure I'd be able to be balanced with these around- I'd probably eat quite a few in one sitting ;)

  11. Oooh, pecans and pear butter?! What an awesome combo. Yum :D I hope you had a great Christmas! I'm just catching up on all my commenting now :D

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