Monday, March 26, 2012

s'mores cake

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let me tell you the truth about this cake.
it is probably the most "unhealthiest" cake i have ever made.
albeit it was one of the most tastiest cakes that has ever passed these lips - i would consider this cake a "once in a life time" cake.. it is the type of cake that you make for a celebration, a celebration that takes place away from your home and includes a whole lotta other people that you can share this cake with. also be sure to encourage others to take a slice or two home - the goal is to share the cake with as many people as possible.

yes, make that your goal when you bake this cake
it really is too tempting to sneak a piece when the late night snackies hit - so why not leave the temptation somewhere else?

the idea for this cake happened when i came across a recipe for cracker cake from "The Blender Cookbook" , yes there really is such a thing; circa 1960.

cracker cake sounds a little racist doesn't it? i am pretty sure though that was not their intent.

i decided to turn their basic cracker cake made from graham crackers into a s'mores cake -
genius right? i thought so.
marshmallow frosting made with dandies is spread between 2 layers of graham cracker cake
DSC04528.jpg DSC04590.jpg
the cake is then topped with cacao nibs and crushed graham crackers
let me warn you, this is not a cake for the faint at heart - this is a super sweet & moist cake that will make your taste buds dance.

DSC04554.jpg DSC04552.jpg
best served with a glass of milk and eaten with good company
s'mores cake would make a very festive appearance at your next BBQ
DSC04522.jpg DSC04570.jpg
the cake is simple, using ingredients that most of us already stock in our pantry
chocolate chips can certainly replace the cacao nibs- honestly the cacao nibs was my pathetic attempt at making this cake somewhat healthy.
Justin was a fan of this cake, polishing off the entire cake within 2 days.
see i told you - dangerous.
at times you will need a little patience, the recipe can be a little fussy - however the fussiness is well worth the extra time. and since this is a "once in a lifetime" sort of cake, go on and take that little bit of extra time and patience and make this awesome dessert.
DSC04539.jpg DSC04567.jpg
if you do make this cake let me know if you made any attempt to make it a bit more healthy than its current version and how it worked out for you.
S'mores Cake
serves 12

you will need:
for the cake
2 cups finely ground graham crackers
1 cup finely ground walnuts
4 tbsp flour
1/4 tsp salt
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup vegan butter, softened
1 cup sugar
3/4 cup soy yogurt
3/4 cup almond or other non-dairy milk

additional butter to coat the cake pans
parchment to line the cake pans

for the frosting
1 1/2 cups dandies vegan marshmallow
1 1/2 pounds confectioners sugar
1/4 cup softened butter
1/2 cup almond milk

1/3 cup cacao nibs
1/2 cup crushed graham crackers for side and top of cake as garnish

pre heat oven to 350*

in a medium mixing bowl combine graham crackers through baking powder - stir and set aside

in a bowl of a stand mixer, cream butter & sugar
then add soy yogurt and mix well

alternating between dry mix and milk add to mixer starting and ending with dry mix

line 2 round baking pans with buttered parchment paper, ensuring the parchment is also cut to fir the sides - both side of the parchment should be buttered
evenly divide the cake batter between the 2 round cake pans
bake in the pre heated oven for 25-30 minutes or until a cake tester inserted in the center comes out clean or with a few moist crumbs.
remove from oven and allow to cool in pans for 10 minutes - after 10 minutes, very carefully (the cake is delicate) turn onto the wire rack and continue to fully cool the cakes.

to make the frosting, heat dandies in the microwave for 30 seconds or until pliable
in a clean bowl of a mixer add the softened dandies, butter and confectioners sugar and blend on low for 30 seconds - gradually add the almond milk and mix well.

working quickly with a gentle hand, frost the cooled cakes - you will add a layer of frosting to the top of one cake, then set the second one atop the frosted layer and continue frositng the sides and top of the cake

press the crushed graham crackers up the sides of the cake and around the top leaving the center graham cracker free for the cacao nibs - sprinkle the cacao nibs around the center of the cake.




  1. This sounds so magical. Does the marshmallow in the frosting firm up really quickly?

    1. Hi Shannon!
      I honestly didn't wait to see, I was afraid that if I waited long it would be difficult to spread- once it was on the cake it was still soft after a day. I just didn't want to take the chance so I worked quickly!

  2. oh my...this cake looks so delicious. I love the topping. Your pictures are always so gorgeous, I love your plates! xxxx Lysa

    1. The topping was definitely one of my favorite aspects of the cake - believe it or not, those plates were bought from the salvation army; four plates for $1.00. I call finds like that my old lady finds - the best stuff usually comes from when the old ladies clean out their closests, basements and attics :)

  3. WOW! If you decide to make this a "twice in a lifetime" cake, please send me a piece :)

    1. haha I don't think my hips would appreciate another round of this cake, but if I do make it again I will be sure to send you a piece....or two :)

  4. woah.. the cake looks and sounds delicious! i was wondering about how u went about that frosting too. such a cool idea!

    1. I was actually thinking of you when I made this cake, I thought to myself when I tasted the frosting - I think this would be too sweet for Richa....not sure why that was my immediate thought :)

      I was on a sugar buzz for at least a few hours after a small piece of this cake!

    2. i bet u did a ton of more cooking or gardening while on the sugar buzz.:)

    3. Actually I danced around the house like a crazy person to the music Justin was making :)

      ...the was when I knew this cake was not the best choice for a late night treat!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by Nessa - I hope you come visit again!

  6. This cake has become my new favourite - how in the world you manage such perfect decadence is beyond me
    Genius that is all I can call you :D

    Choc Chip Uru @ Go Bake Yourself

    1. This cake is almost as sinful as one of your creations! You could totally add a healthy dose of nutella to the batter :)

  7. Haha - cracker cake does sound a little odd. But S'more's cake... that sounds a lot better! what a brilliant idea making frosting out of those dandies!

    Also - I love your tablescape, here! That wood is gorgeous. New table, or could it be I've been fooled by a backdrop?

    1. I thought S'mores cake sounded more appealing too!

      ....i have to say it is a backdrop - I LOVE them, they take up less space, provide more options and are light weight :)

      I do have "real wood" backdrops too that I love

    2. Yeah, the space issue is definitely a big one. I should look into more backdrop options. I definitely like yours.

      Also, I really like the burlap with you used, here - it adds such a wonderful texture!

    3. I found a great website with a ton of options - I love the 2 fers - they were the best deal overall!

  8. wow, girl, you don't mess around! i love how the cake is make primarily out of graham crackers! what an amazing treat!

    1. When I came across the recipe I thought is was so neat (and totally 60's) I love retro recipes.

      There are a few other's in the Blender Cookbook that I am going to try out - apparently the lady's who wrote the cookbook knew some good recipes when they saw them :)

  9. its okay to have this once in a whie it looks delicious. so you work out on the elliptical trainer an extra hour a week to get the calories to go away. i am on a low carb diet most of the time but once in a while i have to try something like this
    best wishes

    1. You are ABSOLUTELY right Alan- I totally like the way you think :)

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  10. Okay, this cake is just ridiculous! And in ridiculous, I mean why have I not tested this yet??? I will be waiting for my slice when you take me on that hike you promised...

    1. Ummm yes! You promise me that Hike and I will promise you this cake for after the hike!

  11. Wow. This looks amazing. I am having a really serious chocolate craving right now and your post is SO not helping. *hah* Will have to try this one out for sure; maybe bring it along to a summer BBQ or something. Somewhere where I won't end up eating the whole thing. *hehe*

    1. At least make sure Jesse helps you with the other half if you end up making it for yourself - a partner in crime is a must when making and devouring this cake!

  12. I am going to make this cake in a few hours for a birthday, and it occurs to me that the walnuts are mentioned as an ingredient but not pictured or in the instructions on when/where to add them--Help? This looks so amazing that I don't want to mess it up!

  13. Wow, this cake looks amazing! definitely on my list!


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