Monday, March 12, 2012

green tea multi seeded bread

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it is no secret that my ultimate weakness is bread- straight out of the oven freshly baked bread
left alone i would more than likely eat the entire loaf still warm and slathered with vegan butter

bread making for me is much like meditation
after my stressful cupcake making session i opted for a more soothing recipe

for the past week i have been bouncing around a few different bread recipes; those recipes are written down on about 6 different sticky notes, some are filed away in my noggin

this is the final version , an accumulation of all those random ideas- the green tea was added sporadically

did i know it was a good idea at the time? no.
was it a good idea? YES!

this past week over breakfast i was thumbing through the latest king arthur magazine and stumbled upon a seed mix; i thought to myself who would spend 9 bucks on seeds - that would be wicked easy to make. so that's exactly what i did - make my very own seed mix.
a mixture of sesame, black sesame, hemp seeds, sunflower & millet are used in my particular mix
i am sure there are hundreds of combinations- so have fun and use what you have on hand
green tea, agave and a tablespoon of seeds makes this bread what it is
super fabulous - a perfect bread for breakfast, lunch or dinner
after the first rise the dough is divided into 2 equal parts and shaped into "logs"
then twisted together
and drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with seeds

i am absolutely in love with the contrast of the black sesame seeds -
i may just be a little addicted


baked in a hot oven until golden brown

doesn't that picture just make you want to reach in through the screen and devour the entire loaf?


my goal this year is to attempt a gluten free bread for my gluten free peeps
i  just have to work up the courage to dive into gluten free baking
i am pretty sure my bread addiction is hereditary
my mom, and aunts can pass up all the sweets in the world
however one sniff of freshly baked bread and they too find themselves unable to resist
i am pretty sure my aunt stopped using & gave away her bread machine due to the fact she would be baking and eating bread about everyday of the week


thankfully i don't own a bread machine- that would be dangerous
it was dangerous enough when i was on the "artisan bread in 5 minutes a day" kick- way too easy for Justin and i to have fresh bread every night

kid you not, i am pretty sure i  must gave gained 5 pounds in 2 weeks from eating so much GOOD bread. my very first recipe blog post was that very recipe


if you have time to make this beautiful bread let me know what you thought of it and if it tasted just as good for you as it did for me
Green Tea Multi Seeded Bread
makes 1 loaf  & 1/2 cup seed mix

you will need:

for the seed mix:
2 tsp of each; black sesame & regular sesame seeds
1 tbsp millet
2 tbsp sunflower seeds
2 tbsp hemp seeds

for the bread:
2  1/4 tsp dry yeast
1 cup warm green tea (120*)
1/4 cup agave
1 tsp coarse salt
2 1/2 - 3 cups bread flour
2 tbsp of the seed mix - divided
olive oil


for the seed mix combine all seeds in a jar and shake to mix
store in the refrigerator in between uses

in a medium mixing bowl combine yeast & green tea
allow to sit for 5 minutes or until frothy & bubbly

add agave, 1 tbsp seed mix & about 2 cups of flour, 1 cup at a time & stir using a wooden spoon with a gentle hand
turn dough (cleaning the sides of the bowl with spoon) onto a lightly floured surface
begin to knead the remaining flour into the dough a 1/4 cup at a time for about 8-10 minutes until your dough is smooth & elastic

in a clean bowl (i like to clean out my original bowl under hot water) drizzle bottom of bowl with about a teaspoon of olive oil, place dough ball in bowl and turn upside down to coat both sides
cover bowl with plastic wrap and set aside in a warm area free of drafts to rise for approximately 1-1 1/2 hours or until double in size

once double in size, gently punch dough down and turn onto a clean work surface
on a piece of parchment paper, divide dough into 2 equal pieces

working with one piece at a time, covering the other piece with plastic wrap; shape the first piece into a log about 12 inches long; repeat with the second piece of dough

lay logs side by side - overlap logs creating a twist
seal ends making sure they are secure and tucked under

cover with parchment paper or a clean kitchen towel
allow to rise an additional 30-40 minutes in a warm location free of drafts
during the last 15 minutes of rise time pre heat oven to 425* - pre heat your baking stone at this time - if you do not have a baking stone feel free to bake your bread on parchment paper directly on the oven rack (make sure to pay close attention to the bottom of your bread to ensure it doesn't burn)

after the second rise is complete drizzle bread with olive oil & sprinkle with an additional tablespoon of seed mix

transfer bread along with parchment paper directly to the pre heated stone
bake for 10-15 minutes until golden brown and when the bottom of the bread is tapped it sounds hollow

remove from oven and allow to sit for at least 5 minutes prior to slicing - a bit longer if you can make it


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  1. This bread looks amazing. Bread is such a dangerous thing for me. I don't buy store bought loaves, but if I make a loaf it is gone in a matter of hours.

    1. Obvisouly i cannot resist a good loaf of bread - I am gald I am not alone!

  2. holy cow, woman! that bread is so freakin gorgeous, i cannot stand it. you have definitely mastered the art of bread making. and i am SO EXCITED that you are planning on experimenting with gluten-free bread. i will be the first one to make it, i guarantee it!

    1. holycow my bread is almost amazing as you are! Any tips on GF bread making?

    2. unfortunately not. i have yet to tackle that beast.

  3. This bread looks waaaay too good to be true - or to be vegan! It looks so... so... warm and flakey and beautifully golden and full of seeds and I CAN ALMOST SMELL IT. *Sniffs computer screen*... almost. ;)

    1. Ah my mission is complete- see vegan food CAN taste just as good if not better than there animal product counterpart; I still have that phantom bread smell in my nose - I totally loved that you are sniffing your computer screen :)

  4. In my mind, I absolutely reached into the computer screen, grabbed that freaking entire loaf, and scarfed down every last ounce until my pathetic body ached from bread happiness. Beautiful, Heather!! The bakery is now open.

    1. I better get working on that Gluten Free bread so next time you can reach in, eat the entire loaf without a tummy ache - I would weigh like 500 pounds if I ran a bakery and would be broke ass poor because i ate all the bread that was supose to be for sale :)

  5. I am totally with you on the fresh bread weakness too. This loaf is beautiful and such a creative idea to use green tea! Did the flavour come through much? I'm thinking a chai tea bread would be lovely too...

    1. There was a hint of green tea; I love the agave with the tea, it really was a great pairing!

      Mmm chai would be amazing, let me know if you try it!

  6. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! wow! The bread looks like a piece of art with the pretty seeds all over the top. I bet it was delicious! Love the creativity; neat idea to add the green tea! I have a serious weakness for bread too. Thanks for furthering my addiction. *hah*

    1. I know, don't you just love the seeds, me too!

      The addition of green tea was such a last minute thought, but I am glad I did it :)

  7. oh yum. i can't make this this week; my husband's gone and i'd gobble it all up ;-)

  8. I am 100% with you on the bread - it's soothing to make, and absolutely irresistible to eat! If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be freshly baked bread. This looks amazing, thanks so much for sharing!

    1. I love the repetative motion of kneading and seeing the bread come together - bread is definitely on the top of my list, but is has to be freshly baked and made with love of course!

  9. I love the use of the green tea! I've never seen that in a bread recipe.
    I remember when I was little, I had this little obsession over bread and polished off a loaf in a week or less (same thing happened with eggs but that's another story!). Maybe I should try this out since I don't have school today ^^

    1. Happy day for you - no school!

      Hopefully you are cooking and photographing up a storm, can't wait to see the updates on your blog!

  10. Beautiful bread! Fresh bread is my weakness too... Although a lot of the time I can't resist sweets either :D I love the idea of making your own seed mix, and your combo sounds delicious. I also love the green tea! I can't get enough of it lately and a bread flavored with it sounds fantastic.

    1. Thanks Heidi! Yep, sweets are a definite weakness of mine too, double desserts- sure, half a loaf of bread absolutely - that just means double duty at the gym to make sure my pants fit!

  11. I haven't made freshly baked bread in too long- but you have inspired me! The addition of green tea sounds delicious. I will have to try this as soon as possible!

    1. Girl get yourself in that kitchen and make some bread!

  12. That is a thing of beauty. I always find myself drawn to loaves (or bagels or rolls) that are covered in seeds - I find them irresistible. I'm adding this to my must-try list (my ever-growing must-try list...) with hopes of making it sooner rather than later. Thank you so much for sharing this loaf with BYOB this month!

    1. Hi Heather!

      I was so excited to stumble across your blog and BYOB- I think I found you on foodblogs :)

      Seeded breads and bagels, rolls are magnetic for me- they just draw me in :)

  13. This bread looks so divine and delicious - light and flfuffy and I love the green tea flavouring - so exotic :D

    Choc Chip Uru

    1. You always make me laugh when you call anything but Chcocolaete exoctic- you never fail to make me smile :)

  14. pretty pretty bread.... come to meeeee! love those twists!

    1. Richa, did you confuse the bread with a Kitty- LOL just kidding, I am sure your a trying to use those super powers of yours to will the bread over to your house; I love the twist too, I think it makes the bread even prettier!

  15. Thank you so much for this recipe! Ahh yum, the ingredients look wonderful. I can't wait to make it!

    1. You are so welcome Bette Jane! I hope you enjoy making this bread, it is so YUM :)

  16. Good day!I've just found your lovely blog via BYOB(Bake your own bread) organised by Girlichef!I'm new to bread making & so exciting to have found this interesting recipe. This will now go to my cooking list!Like the way you took the photos!Exciting for being your latest follower & I'll come for a visit more often in the future!

    1. Hi Jessie!

      I am so happy you found me and have become a follower; this was the first month participating in BYOB, I loved the idea, plus I love Freshly Baked Bread!

      Can't wait to see you around :)

  17. This looks gorgeous! Pinned! I am in heaven with the texture & the green tea!

  18. Hi, I’m Sonia, italian foodblogger sorry for my bad english, I want tell you that I have included the link of this recipe (which I liked very much) in the section on my blog dedicated to “10 ways to make” (“10 Modi di fare”) aromatic bread.
    I hope not to bother you, have a nice day

  19. This looks like such a gorgeous bread, I love all the seeds on the top and the fact that it has some green tea in it! I'm like you, I have a bread obsession.Once I start eating, I can't stop!

  20. Hello! Can you use Bob Red Mill's all-purpose flour to substitute the bread flour? C:


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