Wednesday, March 7, 2012

boozy black & white truffles

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boozy truffles
so much fun

going to a party?
bring your boozy truffles

forgot to make your eldest aunt valentines day treats?
give her boozy truffles and she will forget all about those missing vday treats

wanna be the most awesome friend ever?
make your bestie boozy truffles and bring a bottle of champagne along

you get the point - boozy truffles are pretty awesome
they are made even better with not one type of chocolate but three!

i have been waiting for vegan white chocolate forever and a day
well finally i treated myself to 3 bags from amazon - woot woot
not only are these truffles encased with white chocolate goodness they are filled with dried plums, hazelnuts, double dutch dark cocoa & frangelico


chocolate pieces are melted then mixed with powdered sugar, a splash of almond milk, a pinch of sugar and the goodness i mentioned above
then rolled by the teaspoon into cute little truffle bites
white chocolate is melted in a double boiler
the little truffle bites are rolled in the white chocolate
giving you a fantastic boozy black & white truffle
for a little added goodness a bit more chocolate is drizzled over the top
or top with chocolate jimmies or nuts
whatever you're feeling that day go for it
DSC03929.jpg DSC03967.jpg
packaged in a cute little box they make a perfect hostess gift
you could totally make these before the party; just be sure to make them before your mani
unless you are going for the chocolate mud palm look
your host will think you bought these from a super trendy chocolate shoppe
how special will they feel when you tell them you made them just for them
pretty darn special
at least that's how i would feel if one of my chicas made these for me
'cause the boys would just bring the booze minus the truffles
that's how the boys in my life roll- they don't bake much, that is unless i am baking with them
DSC03951.jpg DSC03938.jpg

make these for the super special people in your life
make these and they might just confuse with miss Martha herself
DSC03985.jpg DSC03980.jpg

i made a batch of these for my aunts, cousins and gram
every year i make valentines day treats for the extra special people in  my life
this year i dropped the ball and it was noticed
whoops - these truffles were kinda like make-up truffles

DSC03980.jpg DSC03932.jpg

you could totally swap the hazelnuts for almonds, the frangelico for almond extract
this a very versatile recipe - short on dried plums, leave em' out
or add another dried fruit like cherries
so rich and tasty only one or two of these are sure to satisfy the sweetest of sweet tooth's
Boozy Black & White Truffles
makes 24 truffles

you will need:
1 cup vegan chocolate chunks
1/4 cup chopped hazelnuts
1/4 cup dried plums or other dried fruit
1/4 cup frangelico
1/4 cup double dutch dark cocoa
3 cups powdered sugar
pinch of kosher or sea salt
1 tbsp almond milk
10.5 oz bag of vegan white chocolate chips

chocolate jimmies
1/4 cup vegan chocolate chips melted for drizzling
chopped nuts

in a double boiler melt 1 cup vegan chocolate
in the bowl of a stand mixer combine hazelnuts through salt and mix
on stir speed at melted chocolate to mixer bowl until well combine
add 1 tbsp of almond milk until mixture begins to bind

a scant tablespoon at a time roll the mixture into balls - 24 times
(it helps to coat your hands in a bit of powdered sugar)

in a clean double boiler melt white chocolate
working quickly roll each of the chocolate balls in the white chocolate, coating well
place on a sheet of parchment, at this point while the white chocolate is still soft top with the jimmies & nuts if using - allow to harden on parchment

if desired, melt the additional 1/4 cup of vegan chocolate and drizzle over the truffles
pop in the freezer for 5 minutes to quickly set the chocolate drizzle




  1. wow, these look absolutely beautiful and EXPENSIVE looking! i've never had a vegan white chocolate chip, but i heard they're amazing.

    1. This was my first time too - LOVED the Vegan White Chocolate; its totally what has been missing in my life.

      If I ever come to visit you I will definitely be bringing you these truffles :)

    2. oh, are you going to visit me?! that would be amazing!

    3. I would LOVE to come see you!

      ...and have a piece of that amazing "cheesecake" that I still cannot stop thinking about!

  2. Yum! Love love love making tuffles, especially with a bit of booze. Last time I made dark chocolate with gran marnier, but the frangelico and nuts sound like an increidble combo.
    Gorgeous photos, too! Love everything about this post. :)

    1. Ooh I love baking with gran marnier - a perfect partner to dark chocolate!

  3. These look AMAZING. You just can't go wrong with chocolate and booze :-)

  4. I LOVE white chocolate - I can't wait to try vegan white choc. These look amazing. Please send me a box ;-)

  5. What brand of white chocolate did you use? I bought a few bags from Pangea's VeganSweets line, but they are a bit waxy & don't have much flavor.

    1. I'd love to know the brand, too!

    2. Hi Ladies!

      I found these on amazon; oppenheimer brand:

      Hope this helps;)

  6. Ooooooo! Truffles with Frangelico!? DELICIOUS!
    They look so pretty & scrumptious! *hehe* Sorry, had to use that word :) *hehe*
    I've not yet had vegan white chocolate, but will be on the look out for some now.
    I think these would ship well to Canada *hint hint* Just kidding ^_^

    1. They certainly did not last long; i brought them to my girls night out and they were a hit :)

      I found the vegan white chocolate chips on Amazon:

      I couldn't find them anywhere locally :(

  7. I love, love, LOVE Frangelico. I make no-bake cookies with it, and they're amazing. I need to make other things with it, too. Because I have the big ol' bottle sitting in my liquor cabinet. And dangit, it needs to be used. Anyhow, these truffles look absolutely delicious - and your photos are gorgeous! You're inspiring me to take more shots :) But between you and me, I'm kind of a lazy food photographer...

    1. ooo PLEASE share that recipe; I love no bake cookies, especially in the Summer!

      I like to buy the nips, they are a prefect 1/4 cup measurement. If I buy the big bottles everything I make would have booze in it :)

      Thank you for your compliment on the photos, It is amazing the difference a year makes :) some of my pics in the earlier posts were pretty horrid

  8. I'll give you a million dollars to put a box of these in the mail to me! :)

    1. You are too funny- or you can come and visit me and I will make you a batch :)

  9. i love the flowy white chocolate and then those drizzles on top! i dont think anyone will remember that u skipped vday after these truffles!i need to order me some 3 or 4 or more white chocolate baggies.

    1. I love your description - flowy white choclate, reminds me of an opening line a romance novel:)

      They have all already forgotten about Vday; they were so excited to get a random box of truffles; good to go!

      Richa, where do order your white chocolate from?

  10. These truffles look heavenly - and your photography skills are exceptional :D

    Choc Chip Uru @ Go Bake Yourself

    1. Thanks Uru!

      It has taken alot of practice and I still have al lot to improve on in the photography realm; but I love learning it has been something I have developed a real passion for :)

  11. I love the effect of the dark chocolate drizzled over the white! And I like your philosophy - I would love anyone who gave me a treat made with Frangelico...boozy treats for all!

    1. No one could ppossibly resist falling in love with you after you give them a box of these :)

  12. These look and sound amazing!

    1. Thanks Katie; i hope you have a chance to give them a try!

  13. These are absolutely gorgeous! I've got to get my hands on some vegan white chocolate...

    1. Thank you Ruby!

      I found vegan white chocolate from oppenheimer on amazon - I couldn't find it any where locally

  14. This looks beyond amazing! I simply have to try this.

    1. Aww you are so sweet, thank you for the comment :) I fo hope you get the chance to make these!

  15. Boozy truffles, you say? We usually make the Oreo truffles, but making truffles with a little alcohol in them never occurred to me (silly me...). My sister-in-law and bff would both love these! Yours are beautiful with the dark chocolate drizzle!

    1. LOl I and am surprised that you haven't made boozy truffles Lauren; your Sister and Bff will think you are even more amazing than you already are when you give them each a box of thse!

  16. I love the second to last photo you took.
    Hm...I don't think I can eat these since I'm underage, haha. Well, they look scrumptious!

    1. Hi Kathy! Thanks for coming over for a visit :)

      I bet you could sneak a truffle or two and none would be the wiser!


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