Wednesday, February 29, 2012

bourbon brown sugar cupcakes

bourbon brown sugar cupcakes
i have the best parents

this week my dad came over on his own time to help justin finish up the final mudding, taping and sanding of the new Sheetrock in the mudroom. justin loathes this part of the project

my dad came to the rescue - he is simply the best
now we can move onto the finish work; you see, this has been an on going project for the past year
my dad knows how badly i wanted this project completed and knows how little extra time justin has on the one day a week he has off
my dad definitely deserves a super hero cape and these cupcakes

as some of you may know i bake cupcakes for those that i love- i wrote about it in one of my very first blog posts back in january of 2011- smbp was just a baby back then

so as a thank you to my dad i made these cupcakes for him
of course, made with an extra handful of love

Monday, February 27, 2012

roasted red pepper + kale pili pesto

roasted red pepper + kale pili pesto
do you remember early release days from school; weren't those the greatest?
friday was an early release day for me; originally i was suppose to take anna to the groomers
but our groomer was out sick on friday

so what was a girl to do with an extra 4 hours on a friday
make a pretty rad pesto- that's what

i am absolutely head over heals in love with this pesto
the taste, texture and color can't be beat

to top off my adventurous friday afternoon, i tossed my pesto with tofu noodles
after hearing the good, the bad & the ugly about these odd smelling noodles i decided to try them out for myself; after getting over the smell <insert gag noise>
 and preparing them according to the directions , they actually were pretty tasty

Friday, February 24, 2012

little coconut chocolate bars

little coconut chocolate bars
here is a quickie for you

perfect for when you want something sweet in the quick
or have a cute boy coming over and you want to really impress him
by showing off your out of this world culinary skills but only have 15 minutes to spare

little coconut chocolate bars will give you the sweet fix you are looking for
and impress that cute boy
in just 15 minutes or less

how great is that?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

maikate mushroom crostini

maikate mushroom crostini
my love affair with bread continues
in the form of a crostini - little toasts
so cute

you can virtually put anything on a crostini and it would be good
and you look will look pretty fancy bringing a tray of crostini to your next get together

bread + veggies = love
or in this case
bread + maitake mushrooms = wow!

i LOVE finding new ingredients  - i have never seen maitake mushrooms before
sunflower had just happened to start carrying these new mushrooms
i was super excited; the pain au chocolate i was going to attempt to make this weekend went out the door, and in came the humble mushroom crostini
humble, however totally flavorful and fancy pants because its served on a crostini

Monday, February 20, 2012

creamy asparagus + red potato soup

creamy asparagus + red potato soup
i can feel it
can you?

spring wants to be here - it really does

i can't tell you how happy that makes me
this weekend i had to resist the urge to trudge through our half frozen, half thawed still a mud & ice arena in one back yard- all i wanted was to go sit, stare and day dream in my garden

justin reported that about two thirds of the garden is free from snow
that is a good thing - the best news of the weekend

for me, the tell tale sign that spring is on its way- asparagus
it has been popping up at the market
i can't resist - even though it is not local, it is still oh so good

with spring and summer knocking on the door i am brushing up on my simple is better recipes
typically all you need is a few good quality ingredients to make a wonderful meal

this translates to more time in the garden when the season finally decides to arrive

this recipe my friends,  is considered exactly that
simpleness at its best

Friday, February 17, 2012

chocolate hazelnut tartletts

chocolate hazelnut tartletts

i thought i'd share with you what i made my love for valentines day
 the way to his heart is with chocolate
that boy loves him some chocolate

and these tartletts, my friends was the
 perfect fit for our valentines day dessert
the flavors are perfectly perfect together
much like him and i

Thursday, February 16, 2012

goji berry toasted coconut cupcakes

goji berry toasted coconut cupcakes
cupcakes - i mean come on who doesn't love cupcakes
they are little personal portable cakes

in honor of heart health & love
these cupcakes are for you

goji berries are said to have healing powers - a super food
possibly able to prevent cancer and heart disease

vibrant pink, tasty and a super food - i would say February is definitely the month to showcase this powerhouse of a berry

combined with toasted coconut it makes a pretty tasty cupcake too

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

romance maki

romance maki
am i the only one out there in their gym clothes
running around like a maniac on saturday morning looking for sushi rice and nori?
god i hope not

justin tells me normal people do not run errands in their gym clothes
it's not like i wear gym clothes just to wear gym clothes; i am coming back from working out
for the record my gym attire is pretty normal - black capri leggings/workout pants, a hoodie, headband & uggs to travel back and forth from home to the gym; its not like i am rocking the 80's spandex or unitard

anyways, 3 stores later; only 2 of them was i seen in said gym outfit
finally i tracked down sushi rice and nori
perfect, i was golden

 romance maki;
is there a more perfect time to share this recipe than today?
i think not

Friday, February 10, 2012

soba noodle bowl

soba noodle bowl
i love asian inspired meals
fresh and simple
we try to avoid take out chinese or japanese - we have learned in our area we can never be certain that we won't find a piece of pork in our veggie fried rice or a few little fish eggs on our veggie sushi
cross contamination has proven to be an issue

so instead we get creative at home
this soba noodle bowl features an array of fresh organic veggies
soba noodles and a garlic sesame ginger tamari sauce

a quick, easy and healthy lunch or dinner that you can have on the table in less than 15 minutes

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

blood orange pistachio polenta cake // the liebster!

blood orange pistachio polenta cake
i am in love
that weightless, nothing in the world matters feeling
with winter citrus

it's the color i so desperately need this time of year
in between winter & spring where everything is gray
its like the scene in mars needs moms - where everything is bleak
and then you have this incredible burst of color

blood oranges are beautiful
cara cara oranges are quite nice too
my entire house is studded with bowls of winter citrus
i can't get enough of it

blood oranges make a beautiful showing in this cake
the perfect pick me up for anyone with the winter blues

Monday, February 6, 2012

savory breakfast biscuits

savory breakfast biscuits
for a very long time i was banned from biscuit making
 i traumatized justin one night with a batch of baking powder biscuits
reason number 89 to avoid getting your drink on while baking
- you may accidentally add baking soda instead of baking powder to the baking powder biscuits
the end result is not a good one- you cannot pass this one off by telling your boyfriend
that is the way they are suppose to taste

it was time for redemption
time for me to prove i could make one mean biscuit

let me introduce you to the saving grace of biscuits
the "one" that converted justin back to a biscuit loving fool
the savory breakfast biscuit
(truthfully we eat these all day- they do not last long in our house)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

carrot cashew apple bisque (raw)

carrot cashew apple bisque (raw)
winter & cold weather to me equals soup
as i mentioned in my last post i am trying to incorporate more raw foods into my daily life

raw soup - i thought to myself this may be weird
see, i am not a fan of cold soups

however, after some research i learned that it is okay to gently warm your raw soup on the stove (warm to the touch) as long as it is not heated above 115* - well i can do that!

i was quite pleased with this soup  - colorful, tasty and raw

does it get any better than that
for me - yesterday no it didn't
after a long & late night at work i had this soup waiting for me when i got home

it was exactly what i needed

Friday, February 3, 2012

kijani juice

kijani juice
i really hope this becomes the new trend

it is utterly amazing

in the past i have made a few attempts to be a juicer
problem one our first juicer was a monster - not the easiest thing to whip out in the morning
hurdle two justin was afraid i would juice a finger - so he became the designated juice man
three - honestly, i lacked the motivation

things have changed, i am totally a juice addict now

you see, healing naturally is very important to me - i have never spoken about this on my blog before
truth is - 3 years ago i was diagnosed with a chronic illness; upper crohns
yep - no cure, medicine for life, and they have no idea what causes it
wow- i must have put on my big girl pants to have shared that, it is not easy for me to admit that i have crohns. for a long time i was in denial & that denial landed me in the hospital for 7 days

there is a lot of support that juicing heals the body and a raw diet is ideal for those with this illness
so i am giving it a try; a holistic approach

okay. so enough about that - lets talk about this amazing juice

Thursday, February 2, 2012

baked donuts // 3 ways

growing up, sunday mornings consisted of
scrambled eggs & bacon
the three stooges
goody good donuts

ah yes - goody good donuts
they literally made the BEST donuts
it was a little donut shop, the type that was run by a big burly man
and hosted an old school bunn coffee maker in the corner

it was a sad, sad day when goody good closed
i think my dad may have cried a little
he use to visit goody good everyday at least 3 times a day for coffee
on sundays if we were really good he would sneak out, get his cup of coffee
and return with a cardboard box tied with red & white bakers twine
inside that box, if i was lucky would be the  mother of all donuts
i have no idea what the name of that glorious donut was
 but is was big, round & flat covered in maple frosting
it was
absolute heaven

these donuts come in at a close second
a bit healthier than their fried counterpart
but just as tasty and tad bit addicting
okay, really addicting