Friday, April 22, 2011

it's EASY being green!

DSC02841-small steps

happy earth day everyone!

in honor of earth day i thought i'd share how the poire/devincent home celebrates & loves the earth every day of the year...maybe you will read a few things that inspires YOU to be a little greener
-  trust me, the earth will love you right back for every small step you take


we reduce by:
  • using energy efficient light bulbs & LED Lights
  • a Programmable Thermostat and presetting for cooler while we are not home and a tad warmer when we are
  • opening blinds & shades during the day to take advantage of the day's warmth, closing the blinds at night to keep the warmth in
  • replacing old appliances (when they go) with energy star rated appliances
  • turning the water off while washing the dishes
  • combining all errands into one trip by making lists & a plan
  • buying in bulk & storing in glass reusable containers
  • purchasing organic as often as we can and when it makes sense
  • supporting our local farms & small businesses that supports locally made products
  • joining our local CSA: community supported agriculture

DSC02844- reuse

reuse- it's the cool thing to do-
  • stashing reusable shopping bags in your car & home & USING them
    • my sis always gets me the coolest bags- see example above, hemp bag with reinforced bottom and extra long handles
  • using plastic eggshell cartons to start seedlings
    • these can be used year after year
  • lining garden paths with newspaper and covering with mulch
    • great food for the earthworms
  • store & freeze left overs in glass containers
  • we use cloth napkins- never paper napkins or paper towels for meals & snacks
  • old towels or wash clothes for rags- cleaning the bathroom or kitchen counters
  • reusable mop microfiber mop pads for hardwood floors or tiles


there are so many great products on the market that take advantage post consumer products by reusing / recycling it back into their own products:

  • we recycle everything that is allowed through our city's recycle program
  • composting
  • purchasing environmentally friendly products
    • trash bags
    • paper towels & tissues Marcal Small Steps is great!
    • environmentally friendly cleaning & beauty products:
      • method
      • mrs meyers clean day (love her!)
      • 7th generation
      • dr. bronners magical soaps
      • burts bees
      • toms toothpaste

DSC02845- grow

growing your own veggies helps the earth in so many ways- you give back just as much as it gives you through the process on many different levels from the earthworms, soil, microbes, birds they all appreciate organic & responsible gardens,  your wallet will thank you too!

start small, make a few changes and see where it brings you.
every step big or small has an impact - it is up to you wether you want to take that first step

this is simply a way of life for us, we never think twice about reducing our impact on the earth; it just comes naturally.

happy earth day, make it a good day!


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