Wednesday, April 27, 2011

granola bars

granola bars

i am frugal...sometimes very frugal. i dislike spending money when i don't necessarily have to. no i am not one of those people that washes out their ziploc baggies or hoards money under their mattress, but i am stingy with my heat, save every penny there is to save, hunt around for the best bargain and make the majority of my meals & snacks from scratch. how do i save on snacks you ask? in comes homemade granola bars. granola bars are your friends. a portable snack filled with sunshine and goodness....okay that line was a bit cheesy- but sometimes my granola bars do taste like sunshine!

after getting over the intimidation factor,  in addition to multiple failed attempts (um yeah pretty sure swearing was involved) at making granola bars i threw caution to the wind, tossed out every granola bar recipe that failed and started my own "granola bar party sunday" . after you figure out the right balance of ingredients, you will find granola bars are wicked (yes wicked, i am a new england girl) easy to make. you now have no excuse to buy granola bars- you know why? because you are gonna make em' and they are gonna take like 5 minutes of your time plus 10-15 minutes of baking and they are guaranteed to be delicious!

Monday, April 25, 2011

coco-nutty rocky road bars

coco-nutty rocky road bars

sweet,salty, gooey goodness.
these are the perfect words for coco -nutty rocky road bars.
a cookie bar that can be whipped up in a jiff is another great feature of these almost perfect bars.
super easy
super quick
super duper yummy!

Friday, April 22, 2011

it's EASY being green!

DSC02841-small steps

happy earth day everyone!

in honor of earth day i thought i'd share how the poire/devincent home celebrates & loves the earth every day of the year...maybe you will read a few things that inspires YOU to be a little greener
-  trust me, the earth will love you right back for every small step you take

Sunday, April 17, 2011

spring has finally sprung...sorta


i really should not be surprised spring is fighting to stay- one day it will be 70 degrees, sun shining, you see the beginnings of a tan; the first of the season and get the itch to unbox the sundresses that have been tucked away for the past 6 month's- you want to wear them and don't care that you are paler than casper this time of year. only to have the next day's high clock in around 30 degrees, rain & snow mix and you find yourself almost surrendering to cranking up the heat (but you don't because it is april & you are bound and determined not to fill the tank until the fall- i am so my mothers daughter). typical new england weather- this is the time of year i find myself a bit envious of our southern neighbors (florida, georgia- you know who you are); this time of year down south there are no shortages of 80 degree weather, fresh citrus, strawberries and farmer markets galore.

envious- yes.
jealous- yes
jealous & envious of hot, humid, hurricane prone weather 6 months out of the year-
not a chance

i think i will keep my fickle new england weather- it makes spring all the sweeter when it finally arrives & decides to stay awhile

Friday, April 15, 2011

weekend projects

dricore is locked & loaded

this weekend we undertook one of our summer projects- the basement floor. we were not planning on taking this monumental project on until later in the season, however lowes had a promotion this weekend- $10 off $50 per transaction, which translates into 20% off. the catch is per transaction- we quickly figured out that we could place online orders for store pick up in $50.00 increments to take advantage of the weekend deal. we totaly scored on this project.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

super cute mini apple hand pies

super cute mini apple hand pies

what do you do when you find yourself with 5 pounds of organic apples and a rainy monday morning- you make super cute mini hand pies, that's what you do!





yum. yum. yum.


Friday, April 1, 2011

"springing" into action: spring projects

those of us that live in new england are only given a short window of time to enjoy the outdoors without bone chilling winds and foot upon foot of snow on the ground. after being couped up in the house for months on, end passing the time day dreaming of spring flowers & steamy july weather, justin and i are ready tackle our spring & summer projects . once the weather is bearable to be outdoors - aka it does not take multiple layers of clothing that you start to look like randy from a christmas story to brave the weather- the clock starts ticking & the list making has begun (sorry mudroom, you have to wait until the fall).