Wednesday, July 30, 2014

mango tarragon frappe

One of my all time indulgences is ice cream- prior to becoming vegan I use to make homemade ice cream at least once a week. I still have not perfected the ultimate homemade vegan ice cream recipe, so I resort to store bought. Growing up I always passed on the birthday cake opting for a double serving of ice cream, when I did have a small piece of cake I love mixing it with my melty ice cream. 
It was a total game changer once ice cream cakes became popular, quickly my yearly birthday cake was an ice cream cake. So when So Delicious contacted me to sample their new line of sugar free and gluten free ice cream I couldn't resist. So Delicious has been a staple in our home since becoming vegan- ice cream and coconut yogurt are favorites, oh and I can't leave out the chocolate coated vanilla ice cream bars!


Monday, July 28, 2014

sweet pea millet cakes

My garden is performing amazingly well this year, the tomato plants are taller than I, baby butternuts and cheese pumpkins are sprouting up everywhere I look and cukes, kale, carrots and peppers couldn't be happier. However this year I do have one garden bed that is refusing to cooperate and it just so happens to be the one I planted first in early spring without amending the soil ( I got a little too excited the first sign of warmish weather I couldn't be bothered to take 1 extra step and add a bit of compost- lesson learned!) So far, this bed has produced a 1/2 cup of spring peas, I have planted Swiss chard on 3 different occasions and for the life of me I cannot figure out where the seeds and or/seedlings are disappearing too. I also planted (after I gave up on the Swiss Chard) a section of green beans and not one has sprouted. At least my oregano and Borage is pretty happy in this bed so I'm not at a total loss.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

pineapple express popsicles

It is hella hot this week- like 90 degree, hot & humid. The type of hot where even if your thighs don't rub together they are going to regardless of thigh gap. Working out is a hard, breathing is slowed and all I want to do is lay down in the middle of the yard with an ice cold sprinkler chasing over me with a Popsicle in hand. These Popsicles are pretty amazing- super quick and easy, make them in the morning and you will have a cold treat without even breaking sweat.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

june garden

During the summer month's, if I am not in the kitchen you are surely able to find me out in the Garden. When buying a house one of the most important items on the must have list was space for a garden. Ever since living on my own I have always found a little patch of dirt to call my own whether it was a dilapidated pile of dirt that need to be brought back to life, containers on a porch or window boxes. My first garden at my very first apartment (I was around 19 or so) was small but produced tons that first year- I even had a little rabbit from next door that would frequently visit (and steal a bite of squash or two), I remember running out in the pitch dark after getting word about the first frost settling in that night to collect the tomatoes still ripe on the vine.