Wednesday, February 18, 2015

raw "cookie" dough balls

Raw "Cookie" Dough Bites // smbp
After dinner I am always in need of  a little something sweet. It can be anything - a square of sea salted almond chocolate, a cookie or spoonful of nut butter. 

For a while now I have been addicted to little raw cookie dough balls- they are dangerously easy to make, as in anytime I feel like something a little sweet I can throw these together in no time. The beauty of these little cookie dough balls, they give you that little sweet something while staying pretty good for you at the same time.

It's a win win!

Monday, February 16, 2015

cinnamon maple pecan butter

Pecan Cinnamon Maple Butter //smbp
Nut butters are pretty amazing, am I right?! I love making my own from scratch, they are super easy to whip up, the most difficult part is waiting for the nuts to turn into butter. When I received my new Magimix (see my review here)  I knew the first two things I wanted to make: smoothies + nut butter. 
I had never made pecan butter before and wanted to give it a whirl- this nut butter is so soft and creamy // a total dream. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

crispy tofu noodle bowl

crispy tofu noodle bowl // smbp
Does anyone else ever get super excited to have a day to themselves just so they can eat what they want- it doesn't even have to be a full day, just one meal any given day where all the choice is up to you. I sometimes secretly get excited when Justin tells me he is going to a friends house for "Guy Night" or on Saturday's when he has to work and I don't.....yeah I miss him, buuuuut him being gone for a short amount of time means I get to have whatever I want for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Justin and I don't see eye to eye on all food choices, he is pretty open to most things but I have a tendency to get strong random cravings for certain dishes when he could take it or leave it. 

However, I was really surprised when he was bummed that he missed out on this noodle bowl - I totally thought this would not be "his thing" and I ate it all and didn't save him even a taste {sad face}.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Magimix by robot - coupe // review

Magimix Review // smbp
I am a pretty firm believer that you do not need a million in one appliances in order to be successful in the Kitchen. But I do believe high quality appliances can make a huge difference in making your life easier. I have totally found myself getting caught in- I HAVE to have the latest kitchen appliance, just to find I only use it a couple of times  and then it sits taking up valuable kitchen real estate.
(or never even taken out of the packaging- I'm talking to you tortilla press!).

My most used kitchen appliance - hands down is my food processor. It has a prominent place on my Kitchen Counter and is used daily- everything from smoothies, whipping up a vegan herb butter, shredding potatoes for hash brown patties or pulling together a batch a falafel. Seriously, I use my food processor all the time- that's why it was a no brainer when Magimix contacted me to review their latest food processor. If you've been around SMBP awhile, you know I'm pretty choosy on what I review on the blog, I'm telling you, this machine is too amazing not to share!