Wednesday, April 23, 2014

spring tacos ~ lime cumin pinto beans

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DSC05614.jpg I totally go through food phases. Currently, I am obsessing over tofu scrambles, I can't get enough of fresh spring rolls and tacos have become my new best friend. I have a feeling these tacos and I will be BFF's for a very long time- they totally make me *swoon*.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

backyard garden plans

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DSC05434.jpg I am finally getting around to a spring garden post- this post in picture form, has been sitting in my Que for far too long. One thing after another has prevented me from putting my plan into action; we ordered new lights for the grow house (awesome lights, so worth the wait!), the snow just barely disappeared and my work/life schedule has been full of craziness!
So want to start a garden of your own? It only takes a bit of planning, seeds, soil, water & loads of light - today I am going to walk you through my garden planning process.

Monday, April 21, 2014

napa siracha slaw

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DSC05584.jpgSpring is finally here! Well sort of- last week, kid you not we had one 70 degree day and the very next day the thermometer read 28 with a dusting of snow. This time last  year my garden was cleared, spring peas were sown and we were enjoying grilling out nearly every night- this April not so much. My garden is still a wreck, nothing has been sown and we have resorted to bringing the BBQ inside. I absolutely love a good slaw alongside vegan brats & beans, tempeh sliders are generously mounded with the stuff and lately I can't get enough of this slaw stuffed inside my tacos.

Friday, April 18, 2014

weekly life through instagram eyes

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{triple berry smoothie:  blueberries, blackberries, cherries, spinach, cinnamon & h2o}

I am so lacking in both the recipe department & Instagram pics this week! I promise you I have some goodies ready to go for next week - slaw, tacos, granola and hopefully an amazing tart. This past Sunday I made a trip down to Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut with my Mom, Gram and my Mom's best Friend- it was a blast; lost $$ but the endless laughs and smiles made up for the money lost. I am hoping to also have a garden post up for you next week- I am waaaay behind, my seeds will be planted this weekend, which should have happened a month ago- so is life, they will catch up soon enough. Enjoy your weekend my friends!